Ignite Tomorrow

Imagine if you could deal with all the aspects of your life in a confident, balanced way.
Imagine if your social and emotional strength can give you the self-assurance and calmness of knowing what to do financially,
from the most severe crisis to the achievement of a dream. 

Imagine a world where parents and educators can give our youth the gift to live life to its fullest,
backed by the financial skills to thrive as young adults. Imagine South Africa in the next decade if we could all join the MyLife® movement today.
This is the Big Dream of MyLife® for South Africa. MyLife® would like to accompany you on your journey to flourish and become the best version of yourself.
Ignite Tomorrow, Today.

Recent employee engagement studies emphasise the importance of emotional, social and financial wellness.
The workplace is no longer separated from home it is now the responsibility of every leader to create a healthy, balanced environment.
Now, more than ever, organisations need a platform offering their employees a private space,
aggregating all the ingredients to flourish, each in their own democratised way.
It was with this mindset that MyLife® was born.

Employee Loyalty, Benefits and Engagement

Increasingly employees begin with the end in mind and have a requirement for understanding what their financial future holds.
The MyLife® Platform enables employees to take control of their physical, emotional, social and financial wellness.
Win the hearts and minds of your employees with a comprehensive and configurable benefits program.


Some of our Platform Features and Benefits:
• Structure payslips and do scenario planning in terms of retirement, medical aid, savings and the like
• Get expert financial advice
• Maintain information on all current and future company and personal benefit policies
• Buy from the online store at discounted rates

The MyLife® Lifestyle APP

The Online Voucher Application that offers real value to you, your Business and the Community.
MyLife® believes that wealth can be created on so many levels of society. One of the areas where we should create wealth and remove the inhibition of reluctance is within schools. Schools are the foundation builders of society. MyLife® selected school fundraisers as a principal focus area, with sustainability as the main point of departure. Schools need local businesses as one of the foremost supporters of school funding.

We have created the MyLife® Lifestyles app to bring participants to the school’s portal and let households benefit from these superb symbioses. MyLife® Lifestyle app acts as a catalyst and creates a win-win for all. MyLife® brings real instant value for all kinds of living with very directed subscriptions, businesses that offer special discounts to the committed school community and, schools have access to immediate funds to realise a specific cause. By signing up in the MyLife® app, clients get further access to the MyLife® wealth creator platform free of charge and bring wealth home.

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