Who we are

“We are living and working in times of sudden and unexpected change. New policies, laws and levies threaten our old company securities. The economy is ever changing. Structures to uphold the social balance at home and work simply do not exist anymore. There is simply no emotional wellness left and that drains the productivity of the workforce. Technology is rapidly developing, leaving many behind feeling as if they were born in the dark ages.

Financially, personally, relationally, spiritually - no individual or company gets a ‘free pass’ when it comes to the potential for our lives and the world to be shaken. In a turbulent world, full of diversity, uncertainty and sudden changes, isn’t it false advertising to claim that there really is a company that offers rock solid business solutions? It may well be, but at Petros Business Solutions we believe that we are building on the bedrock of all ages. Our philosophy stems from the Greek meaning of the company's name: PETROS - meaning rock or solid foundation.”

Fast forward with 21 years and the economic environment is more daunting than ever before. But Petros Business Solutions (PBS) is still the cornerstone of that bold dream statement many years ago. A dream, that today enable Human Capital Leaders to build on the same rock and provide stability in their ever-changing environments. In collaboration with our client’s dreams and aspirations and imaginations, we continue to redesign the perfect Human Capital Management Solution. Our claim is not one of perfect product or perfect implementation – that would be false advertising. Our promise is that we will keep to our word even to our own hurt! We are not a mere software provider, we are an extension to your brand.

Our Story

From a humble beginning in the year 2000 PBS has grown to an organisation serving clients across the African continent, delivering more than a Billion rand worth of payslips per month and carrying the brand of many listed companies. Our clear understanding that strategy can only be executed by people, was the foundation for the most robust performance and talent solution in the market. Until today this solid foundation enable us to support complex multi-country, multi-company and multi-pay interval organizations in a single instance of the solution.

Our Values

Having a clear set of values helps our employees understand what we stand for.
Our company values give guidance that empower us to achieve our vision and goals as a unit.

Presume good intent. We always presume that all stakeholders (colleagues, clients and providers) have good intentions.

We endorse an environment that ensures continuous innovation in terms of all aspects of the business.

Petros Business Solutions (PBS) has the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about that.

We strive to work jointly towards common goals with all stakeholders.

We ensure our motivation is based on the correct ideas of right and wrong.

We strive to ensure dependable relationships with all stakeholders.

We engage in the process of diplomacy, mediation, negotiation, or other forms of peaceful settlement that arranges an end to a dispute and resolves issues that led to it.

We bring our power under control and ensure that we stay humble and have a lack of vanity or self-importance.

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